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Installing a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Concealment is not for the faint of heart. We understand that. STEALTH has installed countless DAS and Small Cell concealments in a wide variety of places.

Our DAS concealments can be found in hallowed football stadiums, along beloved campus pathways, along municipal walkways and in some hard-to-reach spots.

DAS antennas allow fans to enjoy the game and still have adequate cell phone service.

In stadium settings, we’ve hidden radios in some pretty amazing places you’d never dream to look. Interspersed stadium-wide, our proven DAS system allows thousands of wired fans to simultaneously Tweet, Facebook, Text, Phone and browse the web with abandon.


STEALTH also designs, engineers and fabricates RF transparent antenna concealment systems for the entire wireless industry – including rooftop concealments, concealment poles, tower concealments, and many custom concealment structures. Architecturally sound and aesthetically pleasing antenna concealment systems assist you in receiving quicker zoning and building owner approvals. And speedy approvals translate to faster site revenues.

And in true STEALTH style, we’ve camouflaged them to blend into their host environments, which run the gamut from historically rich to ultra modern.

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DAS Concealment


Ideas drive great concealment. Our team works with yours to find the best solution. Period.


Our full design staff ensures your DAS concealments look as great as they perform.


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The ultimate test of our concealment is functionality and ease of installation. We test well.




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February 17 2017

Time To Celebrate- It’s STEALTH’s 25th Anniversary!

  Originally posted on the STEALTH Concealment blog. It’s official. It’s here. And we’re excited. This month is our 25th Anniversary of leading the industry in wireless concealment. Since 1992, we’ve been coming up with beautiful solutions to hide those unsightly radios and antennas. We’re grateful for all of the sites we’ve been given the opportunity to work on in the last 25 years and look forward to future projects. As the industry founder, we promise to continuously strive to produce the highest quality and best performing concealment products, through world-class integration of dedicated employees, innovative design and cost effective Read More

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